Shopping Feed

Shopping Feed Optimization

Google and other shopping feed platforms have many rules in place, we can make getting approved and optimization the feed a breeze. Chat with us today.


Let’s get on with it

Your feed is the structure or the lifeblood that feeds the platform that you are advertising on. If you’re missing size then you are missing out on queries from users who are searching for a specific size and so on. Everything is weighted against how well your product feed is structured and how much data you have tagged within it. We can help you map all the mandatory fields like product titles that are very important in terms of areas to optimize. Contact us today.


Reach Important Customers

By Optimization your shopping feed, you reach the shoppers that matter the most. The ones that search for what you are selling. If you have an online shop or store you should be doing this right now. Since Google shopping feed converts higher than anything else you need to be doing it today.

Start Your Marketing Engines

Google Shopping is a not only a search engine widget, it also provides users with the ability to price compare. Every time a user searches for a product that you are selling the feed injects your merchandise right in front of your potential customers. Google Product listings ads are not only important for your marketing campaign but if done correctly it will also improve how your are advertising on your own site to maximize all avenues.