About Bryan

Aka. Bryka


Bryan entered personal computing when it was still in its infancy, working as a Content and Design Developer for Dell Computers all the way back in 1999. Since then, he has amassed a treasure trove of knowledge and experience in the field, coming to specialize in dotcoms. He has earned a strong reputation for figuring out what will make users comfortable and happy and then delivering on these concepts, devising product strategies and then overseeing implementation of these strategies to great effect. At every step of the product life cycle, he shows up ready to present solutions that will work in the long term.


First and foremost, Bryan always emphasizes the user, paying close attention to the details that will combine to fulfill their requirements and driving through on his vision in close collaboration with all his teams, from engineering to sales to marketing to support. This approach to dotcoms has proven wise, leading him to one success after another, and his counsel is now widely sought-after by other dotcom professionals. He currently works as a dotcom consultant,offering the breadth of what he has experienced and learned throughout more than twenty years in his career.


A master at innovation, Bryan has done the seemingly impossible, creating a system out of outside-the-box thinking. In this way, he has made it possible for his teams to create products that people want – usable, attractive, life-changing products. He then constructs winning marketing plans for these products, researching and developing what it is that potential users will respond to. Marketing, launches, data optimization, promotion schedules, large database handling: he does it all, working with platforms such as Oracle, Google, AWS, Adobe, Tableau/Prep/Online, Zapier, and Hadoop. A strong believer in the necessity of ongoing education, he strives to keep his information up to date so that he can keep working on the cutting edge.


Bryan’s true advantage, though, is in the variety of his skills. Major companies, including Giftagram, eBay, autoTrader, and Yahoo, have all recognized his capacity to deliver on his promises – in terms of scope, budget, and deadline – by combining all his areas of expertise with his sharp and effective leadership. He prides himself on the consistency with which he improves companies’ efficiency and profit levels, slashing costs and overcoming obstacles.


Bryan earned his BA in Information Technology at York University’s Glendon College, in addition to studying Computer Graphics and 3D Animation at Seneca College. Fluent in English and Russian, he is based in Toronto. He thrives on connecting with the right clients, brands and organizations for whom he can make a real difference. After more than two decades in technology, he is passionate as ever about what he does, building upon his skillset and putting his present skillset to good use. His clients know that they can trust him because of his illustrious track record and because of the world-class teams that have turned to him for help – his results speaking for themselves in a way, indicative of the high caliber at which he operates.